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Tuesday 1 October 2013 by

House, Lavender, Instagram, Housemates, House of Blog, WinchesterWelcome to House of Blog. Slip your shoes off, come inside, and make yourself at home.

House of Blog is a place for anyone and everyone to join in – to talk about whatever they like and share their thoughts and experiences.

There will be plenty of opportunity to explore – wander out to The Garden to chat about your latest holiday, visit The Kitchen for some hearty grub, or join us in The Cinema for the latest box office flick. It’s all here under one roof!

This isn’t a blog about one thing, but everything that someone might be interest in. Since when does one person have one hobby!? At its simplest form, I guess you could call House of Blog a lifestyle blog, because it’s about life, but ultimately this is a community. Each room gives you a chance to pick and choose what you want to read about – and to get involved in the conversation.

The Blog will continue to grow – right now House of Blog is in its infancy. I’ve got a lot of work on my hands to get it up and running, and I will need your help because there’s always room for improvement – the House has quite literally been built from scratch, and there are still a few things missing.

The best bit about all this? It’s not just a one way blog – you can get involved too. Tell me what you want to see, or even better, become a Housemate and write it yourself. Anything from art gallery reviews to grandma’s best recipe, the best local gig in town to what’s hot off the catwalk.

This is the House that Blog built.

And everyone is welcome.

Do you think you want to move in with me?

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