A Gluten-Free Afternoon Tea

Monday 7 October 2013 by

Flowers, Afternoon tea, Gluten freeWhen our original plan of heading to London for Aimée’s birthday for afternoon tea didn’t transpire, there was no way I was letting it get away that easily! Instead, I chose to make a slap-up gluten free afternoon tea (Aimée is gluten intolerant too).

Friday night and Saturday morning was spent baking like a mad thing – just click the links for all the recipes. First up was the chocolate and hazelnut delight. This is an Intolerant Gourmet recipe for a simple, gluten free (and dairy, egg, soy and yeast free!) chocolate pudding. I couldn’t find hazelnut milk, so take her advice and switch it for almond milk – it’s easily found in the milk fridge at any supermarket. I crushed some almonds to put on top, but to be honest devoured it without! I might grate some dark chocolate as a topping next time…

Make sure you get all the lumps out (try sieving the corn flour and cocoa powder before making the chocolate paste), and I’d even recommend adding a bit extra cocoa powder for a super-chocolatey pudding.

Afternoon tea, Gluten free, Scones, Teabag biscuitsThen it was the pièce-de-résistance: teabag biscuits. This is a blend of two recipes – the All Recipes iced moon and star biscuits and the Claire K Creations teabag biscuits recipes. The iced moon and star biscuits recipe was the basis – using the dough mix, I then used a teabag to cut the shapes, a chopstick to press out the holes, and then put them in the oven. Once they had cooled enough (I left them overnight to be sure), I made the chocolate and dipped the bottom half of the biscuits. They were still very delicate, so it might take some practice to get them crispy, but they certainly looked brilliant! I used blue thread and some sticky labels to make the “Happy Birthday” labels and popped them in the fridge to harden.

I made 16, and every single one got eaten. The biscuits have a little lemony tang to them – I can see them being a bit hit at Christmas – and the dark chocolate was sweet and sharp enough to offset it. They were dangerously moreish.

Cucumber sandwiches, Afternoon tea, Gluten free, Scones, Yankee candles, Teabag biscuitsThe next morning was time to make the carrot and gingerbread squares with lemon icing (another Intolerant Gourmet creation that I make often and always goes down a storm). I don’t think I baked it enough (or used too much carrot) so they were quite soggy, but the squares are incredibly popular whenever I make them, and the lemon icing is a perfect finish. This is a perfect alternative birthday cake or dinner party pudding.

The scones I left for last to make sure they were extra fresh. This is a painfully simple Baking Mad recipe that makes DELICIOUS scones! Within half an hour I had eight scones that smelt so good I really struggled not to eat them straight away. They didn’t rise quite as much as I had hoped, so next time I’ll put the dough in bigger balls to get that proper scone look, but they tasted spot on with a slick of blackberry jam.

Teapot, Afternoon tea, Scones, Teabag biscuits, Cucumber sandwiches, Gluten freeGenius sliced white bread is ideal to make the cucumber sandwiches, and just like that you have a completely gluten free afternoon tea. Aimée had this cute cake stand and striped teapot for the occasion (we had Lady Grey, but also found Rose Garden tea from Twinings which is my new obsession). A very indulgent, very easy afternoon!

Happy birthday Aimée!

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