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Atlantis seems to have found its niche as a slightly tacky Saturday night pleaser. But what did I think of episode two?

Atlantis – episode two – A Girl By Any Other Name

*mild spoilers alert*

This episode, our trio of heroes are selling their expertise for money. But it is only when a frantic father in search of his daughter approaches them for help that Jason’s sense of honour is piqued. Hercules, as ever, is more interested in better paying jobs, however agrees to go when the dissatisfied customers of their previous job comes looking for them.

But when Jason, Hercules and Pythagoras go in search of her, they find themselves surrounded by the overzealous followers of Dionysus. Who really aren’t fans of men.

Hercules, pursuing what he thinks is a beautiful woman, but in fact turns out to be a strange monkey-creature, finds himself rescued by a mysterious woman (played by Jemima Rooper).

The woman, mistaken for their target, turns out to be someone far more interesting – Medusa.

Minus the snakes.

The episode is suitably entertaining – with lots of running around in the woods at night, and a deeply unnerving cult leader (whose time on-screen is far too fleeting) and Greek Mythology-themed quips aplenty. But it lacks lustre in the extreme, and the acting, aside from Rooper who is always outstanding, leaves much to the imagination. Even Mark Addy, who does so well elsewhere, fails to create a likeable character in Hercules.

It doesn’t quite stand up to its Merlin predecessor, or even its slightly clunky pilot episode. They have grasped on to the wrong concepts and led with those, instead of building strong, believable, loveable characters, and have yet to give us something solid to look forward to as a story arc.

I lost interest in the plot quite quickly – with nothing but a few flippant lines from our resident Oracle about Jason’s reasons for being here (which, frankly, I’m losing interest in too) to keep us hooked to the next episode.

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What did you think of episode two? Will you keep watching?

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