The Final Attempt

Tuesday 15 October 2013 by

Some people are predisposed to be overweight. I’ve never been sure I agree with this but it feels like a comfortable stance to take when you’ve been that way for a good few years.

I’ve been pretty seriously overweight for the last 5 years, I could blame the children but that wouldn’t be fair. I’m overweight because I like eating the wrong food and I have a sedentary job which means I barely have to leave the house. I’ve never been sporty or really engaged in exercise and I was only a ‘healthy’ weight before 5 years ago due to working in an industry which meant I was on my feet for 10+ hours a day and I didn’t really eat much ’cause I was always working. Healthy right?

Anyway, this has to change. It really does. I tried Weight Watchers because I thought it would be easy but it was just demoralising and there wasn’t much support. I’m now focusing on health rather than weight and going forward with a personal trainer who I’m hoping will guide me in the right direction to be the size I’m supposed to be.

With two young daughters body image is important, not that it isn’t to other people but I keenly feel the pressure of being overweight and trying to be a role model – I don’t think it’s fair to expect my children to avoid all the foods I’m happy eating by the truckload so I won’t do it anymore. This is full on Cold Turkey.

Personal Training

I have signed up with Jenny who runs OneBody Fitness. She’s a local personal trainer who specialises in women’s health and is so passionate it’s unbelievable! We met for a consultation to see if I was up for it and after 5 minutes in her company I was sure I was!

My first session is today when I’ll be having all my measurements and weight recorded so we can see where our journey takes us. Before photos will also be taken and I’ll take some here at home so I can share them too – not looking forward to that, I don’t like photos at the best of times.

Alongside the training programme I’m taking part in, Jenny’s personal training involves a full diet overhaul. Out goes sugar, wheat, caffeine, processed foods and most dairy and in comes a mountain of leafy greens. It’s a good job I love spinach and cabbage! This approach is also alcohol free but as I don’t drink that won’t be such a struggle!

I’ve been harping on about being fat and uncomfortable for years and I’ve realised I need someone to push me along before I’m confident enough to get going and I truly believe this could be the answer to my problems and will see real results once the programme really kicks in. I know at the end of the day it’s down to me but with this push in the right direction maybe I’ll actually get there?

I’m hoping to record my success (or failure!) here and am really thrilled Fran is letting me into the house!

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