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Day two of my Homemade Week went a bit awry from the mania of running late, but I stuck with it as much as I could nonetheless! I’m totally in love with the granola and breakfast smoothie (they are permanent additions), and the mushroom soup might be a bit “fragrant” to say the least, but it’s so nice to have a decent mushroom soup that’s gluten free.

Mushroom soup, BBC Good Food, Recipe, Homemade, Gluten free


We make a much-needed return to BBC Good Food for this cream of wild mushroom soup recipe. I used a mix of wild mushrooms, porcini and closed cup mushrooms in my mix, and was generous with the crème fraîche to make it super-creamy. It might look a bit gross but it smelt like a good mushroom soup and certainly tasted like it.

Ideally I would have had a bread roll with this, but I’m yet to master the gluten free bread – even the bread machine and I don’t get along. I found some great bread recipes (including instructions on how to master the bread machine bake) but I don’t have the time to make sure I get a good prove, and so passed on it.

Mushroom soup, BBC Good Food, Homemade, Recipe, Gluten freeThe recipe recommends croutons and truffle oil – but when you’re eating out of a Tupperware box it’s probably not the time to be glam.

Where I failed was that I left said Tupperware on the kitchen side when I left for work. This meant, shamefully, I did buy lunch – a jacket potato with beans and cheese. But it does mean I get to have the soup tomorrow instead!

Soups are perfect for making at home, and for Winter months. There are quite literally hundreds of recipes online (I always opt for a veggie one) so you’re sure to find something.

Homemade Week: Tuesday

Breakfast: granola with yogurt, breakfast smoothie
Lunch: jacket potato with beans and cheese
Dinner: steak with mashed carrot and potato and plenty of greens

Verdict: you definitely need to be prepared when you’re making everything from scratch – especially if you have to remember to take it with you. I appeased myself with a really good steak (I know, I’m showing off) and mashed carrot and potato is one of those comfort foods that I used to have as a child and could just eat by the bucket load. I found the lack of chocolate easier today – probably because I ate a LOT of potato and felt insanely full!

Tomorrow is all about dinners. I love to make a good hearty dinner – and have picked a few recipes that are easy, tasty and wholesome for homemade week. When it’s getting cold, I always want good grub!

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