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I’m just going to get on with the review.

Atlantis – episode three – A Boy of No Consequence

Let’s overlook the really bad graphics, okay? I know those bull-leaping scenes were pretty awful. But the graphics were probably the least of our problems with this episode of Atlantis (and I know they tried to distract us with lots of bare torsos but I wasn’t fooled).

In this particular episode, our hero Jason finds himself (and his friends) in a precarious position when he stands up to the pompous Heptarian (played by Oliver Walker). Heptarian, it quickly transpires, is not only related to the queen (boo-hiss) but betrothed to the princess Ariadne – our poor Jason’s love interest – and is not overly fond of this cocky newcomer.

He’s even less impressed when he realises Ariadne and Jason have been making googly-eyes at each other. With the help of his dear aunt, they construct a plan to be rid of Jason for good, and swing it so Jason and his friends (because Pythagoras and Hercules don’t get off lightly either) have to compete in the challenge called bull-leaping.

Yup. They have to leap bulls to stay alive.

We have some new people swiftly introduced as our trio have to learn not only how to leap bulls, but also how to work as a team with said (roughly sketched-out and flat) characters – who vary in degrees of usefulness according to their screentime. We learn more about the queen’s evilness – turns out she’s quite the Pantomime villain, with her witchy ways and Voodoo dolls. We learn that Jason looks rather lovely with his top off. And we also learn that the budget wasn’t generous when it came to the bull-leaping scenes.

Needless to say, Jason wins the day, and he and Ariadne can continue to moon over one another. But what did this episode serve to do? Well – it set up a neat love triangle, and Jason now has a nemesis. The script was pretty good, if we’re playing nice, and the humour on it was a good touch – Pythagoras and Hercules are settling in to their sidekick roles with ease, and Mark Addy’s comic timing as Hercules is coming to the fore again. It stills screams Merlin, so I can see why this is a series that will continue to run, but I want to see grittier plotlines (don’t laugh) so there is an underlying thread throughout that really engages the audience.

We haven’t seen the last of the mystery around Jason’s past, and I’m sure we’re going to see a lot more Heptarian/Jason stand-offs, but there needs to be something meatier. Perhaps a little tidal wave? Just to make them nervous?

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What did you think of the latest episode?

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  1. Loralei Haylock

    Personally, I just don’t find Jason any where NEAR hot enough to carry the rest of the dross. Mark Addy is the only thing worth watching. Jumping over bulls??? You’re really going to make that the monster of the week??? Me and the boyfriend watched this from behind matching facepalms. XD

    • Fran

      Ha! It’s badgood. I agree, Jason isn’t near hot enough to be the superhero. I’m still so undecided on this programme that I kind of want to keep watching just to see whether it spirals in to truly awful or redeems itself…

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