It Starts: Personal Training Programme Week One

Wednesday 23 October 2013 by

Nut Butter, Fitness, Food, HealthWeek one is over! I’ve made it and I’m still alive. It may not be much for some but for me it feels huge, especially when I’ve had to avoid all the things I usually eat on a regular basis and I haven’t really exercised since school and that wasn’t even much and it was… nearly ten years ago now.

The first week was fantastic and such hard work. I met with Jen on Tuesday morning and we went through a circuit-based exercise session for the full time and by the end of it I thought I’d never walk again, which was further proven when I fell down the stairs outside the hotel where the gym is – ouch.

From then on it was cemented in my head that this had to happen. I don’t know what changed but once the first session took place I felt 1000 times more determined and I didn’t feel quite as awful. Hell, I’m nowhere near being on even the verge of fit but I did manage a whole session with stopping every two minutes or saying no thank you and walking out – that felt like massive progress.

So, onto the rest of the week. I think it went well. I found the food really hard some days, especially as I’m so used to just grabbing a sausage roll out of the fridge or making a quick sandwich. It’s something I still need to get my head around and certainly calls for some preparation in advance to stay on top of it all. Jen suggested making up big batches of soups and stews and just defrosting as necessary. That sounds good to me.

I’ve also made sure I’ve got enough meat to feed me for a while as I have found myself eating more meat than usual as I can’t go for my favourite spuds every time:


I’m hoping all this extra meat will give me something to plan with. I’ve had some weird concoctions this week – mackerel and rice was probably the worst attempt. I’ve also stocked up on various Nut Butters, I didn’t even know they existed beyond peanut, but as the top photo shows (and my biggest girl decided to get her face in) there are lots and now I can have any type of butter on my Ryvita!

Although I’m not doing this to lose weight as such, yes I need to desperately but I’m focused on feeling fitter, but a jump on my scales this morning showed a 3lb loss so far which I’m more than happy with and spurred me onto push even harder with the next session which I’ll talk about next time!

The worst thing so far has been feeling like I’ve been hit by a train a day or two after training with Jen and then knowing I have to do my homework on Thursdays and Saturdays but then by Tuesday I’m ready again and really want to get myself to where I want to be!

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