Why I Pay More for My Make-Up

Thursday 24 October 2013 by

Chloe, Beauty, Make-up, Housemate, House of BlogMy mantra in life has always been to spend big money on well bought make-up and not on clothes (although I do love a clothes binge as much as the next person). My friends think I’m crazy when I step out of Debenhams with £50 worth of make-up and have a full outfit purchased for half the price, but each time they are greeted with the same response “if there’s one thing in life I’ll buy expensively it’s going to be the thing I’m smothering on my face”. Not only is it generally full of better products than the cheaper alternatives but it will definitely sit better on the skin and last longer, and let’s face it (excusing the pun!) with a few tweaks and accessories cheap clothing can still have its day but cheap make-up will never look great.

I once bought a cardigan for £85. After eyeing it up on ASOS for weeks I finally convinced myself that I needed it and my wardrobe just wouldn’t be the same without it. 6 months and 3 wears later it was sent on its way with a popped seam in a charity bag. And their ended my brief love affair with designer clothing.

Unlike throw away fashions a perfect fit foundation will look great on you every day that the bottle lasts, unless you decide on a 6 month stint in the Caribbean, but even then there’s bronzer! It’s also worth noting that the makeup counter brands will stock a much better range of products. They will have different formulas, different colours and different finishes. They also have the benefit of the knowledgeable sales girls (don’t let their “more is more” approach put you off!) and the ability for a little trial of any of the products you like the look of.

Two of my favourite recommendations for makeup counters are No7 at Boots and Mac. For an over the counter brand No7 are incredibly affordable and great quality and the best bit is they are now offering their skin match service, taking a photo of each side of your jawline and matching it up to the correct colour foundation to ensure a perfect fit. I was a bit dubious at first but I can honestly say my current No7 foundation has to be the best colour fit I’ve ever tried, and I’ve tried them all! Mac on the other hand are on the more expensive end but are fantastic, photoshoot ready products that are tried and tested on the biggest magazine photoshoots and a celeb favourite. They also offer a trial service to get you on your way. You get an hour of one to one trialling, giving you a fully made-up and ready to party look at the end. You have to book in advance and it does cost £30, but the best part is that you get to redeem that straight back in products of your choice at the end, what could be better?

So if you do one thing this weekend, visit a make-up counter, find your face and be fabulous on Saturday night!

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