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Sleepy Hollow, Universal Channel, TV, HorrorThe second episode of Sleepy Hollow drops very comfortably in to the monster-of-the-week format, straining more towards world-building than action.

Welcome to Sleepy Hollow

Sleepy Hollow – episode two – Blood Moon

*mild spoilers alert*

The Headless Horseman might be conspicuously absent this episode, but other baddies are not. Crane is visited in his dreams by his long-dead wife, and warned of a witch who is trying to come back from the dead to wreak havoc. Meanwhile, Officer Andy Brooks has returned from the dead himself to help the Big Bad Witch (played by Monique Ganderton), because she needs the bodies of the descendants of those who burnt her at the stake the first time round to be able to fully return to life.

Following me so far?

Crane and Abbie must race to find these poor people before the witch does, and prevent her from taking full form. In the meantime, Crane is frantically trying to adjust to the 21st Century and Abbie is frantically trying to adjust to this new mystical world.

We learn more about both their pasts, and learn that the sheriff who didn’t make through the last episode, definitely knows a lot more than he ever let on.

I enjoy Crane and Abbie’s relationship – the dialogue is sparky and they work well as a duo. They are strongest together. And Brooks is suitably creepy (and freaked out himself) for one so recently returned from the other side. Although all previous efforts of Sleepy Hollow has centred around the Headless Horseman (as I’m sure this series will often do), the monster-of-the-week fits really nicely in to the programme, leaving them massive scope for world-building and story arcing (that’s a word).

Where I feel it falls down, which is a shame, is with Katrina – Crane’s wife. Revealed to be a witch in the previous episode, there is a lot of emphasis on the fact that she is trapped in a “world between worlds” and that she’s not really buried anywhere, giving us to believe that Crane is going to try to bring her back. This doesn’t hold with me, because I think a dead wife is sometimes a better character motivator than a dead-wife-that-might-return.

It seems Katrina’s main use is to warn Crane (very cryptically) of an impending baddie. The scenes feel very stilted, and I don’t feel she adds anything to Crane’s visions except some very forced dialogue. There’s a part of me that really wants her to prove her worth – fight back a bit instead of looking all fearful and flustered and running away before she can tell Crane anything helpful (yes, I know the demon must be terrifying, but she’s a witch from a coven that’s been fighting evil for hundreds of years for crying out loud).

This whole series is already building up to be a Supernatural-esque cult programme. It has the potential to run and run – and hold a strong fanbase – as long as it’s clever about how it strings out Crane’s showdown with the Headless Horseman.

Rating, Four, Review

What did you think of the second episode? Are you enjoying Sleepy Hollow so far?

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