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Sleepy Hollow, Universal Channel, TV, HorrorSleepy Hollow is really cheering me up! After the questionable nature of Atlantis, this is a breath of fresh air.

Sleepy Hollow – episode three – For the Triumph of Evil

*mild spoilers alert*

Our monster this week is the Sandman. No, not the friendly Sandman from the song, but the creepy, mouthless, eyeless, I-kill-for-fun Sandman. And he’s got it in for poor Abbie.

This episode we learn a bit more about Abbie’s history – in particular with her sister and the demon. And we learn that her story isn’t as clean as we previously thought, and now the Sandman – a demon who terrorises people with their shady pasts until they’re forced to take their own lives – is after her for lying and abandoning her sister to a rigmarole of institutions and therapy.

Now is the right time for Crane and Abbie to really cement their relationship, to create a strong centre for the series to hang on, and this is done brilliantly.

To battle the Sandman, you have to do it on his own territory, which means going into a magical sleep. Crane, in a heroic attempt to help Abbie, drinks the same sleeping tea. This is a real demonstration of his loyalty, empathy and bravery, and it’s played nicely, to the point that it cleverly sidestepped cliché with a touch of humour.

Abbie is growing in to an increasingly three-dimensional character, with flaws and fears and also a depth of willpower and bravery. As I mentioned in my last review, the strength of the programme is heavily reliant on the brilliance of the relationship between our central duo – and you really feel the full force of that here.

The episode might be spooky as hell (I’m terrified of jumpy stuff – especially creepy white demons without mouths that appear over your shoulder), but it is the sparky dialogue from the characters that make it worth watching. There’s the right amount of humour with depth, no awkwardness and great charisma. Even the scenes between Crane and Abbie’s sister, Jenny (played by Lyndie Greenwood) have power.

It’s got to be one of my favourite episodes to date because it creates such a vivid story for us to invest in. And the monster was suitably creepy. My only quibble would be the hamming-up of Crane’s archaic vocabulary. Let’s have less “pray tell”s and more learning 21st Century lingo…

Rating, Four, Review

What did you think of episode three?

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