Frocks, Floodles and Freebies

Sunday 27 October 2013 by

Two great things happened at a car boot last week. I found a gorgeous dress and discovered a dress designer that makes me want to wear a lot more dresses, all in the same purchase.

Emily and Fin, Dress, Fashion, Style, VintangeFor the bargain price of £2 I bought an emilyandfin dress. I offered £1 but the seller wouldn’t budge. It’s knee length navy blue with white spots, a small collar and buttons all the way down the front. A very vintage inspired style from a modern design duo. I loved it instantly and when I got home and Googled emilyandfin, I found their dresses retail for between £60 and £80.

The sad news is the dress is a medium and too big for me (needs boobs that I just don’t have) so onto eBay it went. It probably would have done okay on ASOS Marketplace but I need my train fare for a trip to London so I haven’t got the time to hang around.

7 days, 122 views and 11 bids later the dress has sold for £15.25. Not as much as I’d hoped but that’s half of my train ticket paid for.

The downside is I’m now trailing the internet trying to find a stockist to replace the dress in a size for the lesser boobed lady, which I know will cost me more than 15 quid.

Floodle, Dog, PetMy second bit of luck this week involved the puppy. Dilys is a Floodle; a ridiculous name (that is laughed out of the County park by serious dog owners) for a poodle x flat coated retriever. Her coat is definitely getting longer and curlier and I have noticed, smellier.

Not too far from where we live is an agricultural college offering what it calls land based industry courses as well as animal care and other courses you need a woolly jumper and waxed jacket for. *side note: I want a waxed jacket*

Dilys has become firm friends with a whippet puppy called Ernie whose owner teaches at the college and told us about a dog grooming class looking for guinea pigs.

I waste no time and she is booked into the next class. I thought she might be a little nervous when we left her there but the sassy pup didn’t even look back.

An hour and a half later, she has been shampooed, brushed, trimmed and nail clipped. Smelling decidedly better and feeling as soft as the day we brought her home, she was done.

A great service for my favourite price. FREE.

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