Halloween Decorations in 5 Easy Steps

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Some people like to go overboard with decorating their houses for Halloween (and Christmas and Easter and any other holiday you can think of). But you don’t have to have blow-up Santas, giant witches or cover your entire house in fairylights to have a well-decorated home…

1.       Jack o’ Lanterns

The humble Jack o’ Lantern is the simplest, easiest, best way to decorate your home for Halloween. Rather than the simple grinning face, try something a bit more complicated (The Huffington Post has collated some of the more ambitious attempts) and impress guests with cats, witches, or even a Death Star.

2.      Ghostly visitors

Old bedsheets will do for making ghosts, but try to stick them somewhere unexpected to give people a shock. Go a step further and make your ghostly apparition even more real with a face (they show you how to do it with a Styrofoam head here) or create a whole person with chicken wire like they did here.

3.      Spiders

It might be obvious, but getting fake spider webs and string and some plastic spiders make a dead easy decoration. Again, pick an unusual spot to make people jump, or go mad and plaster the house with it to give your home an eerie haunted house feel (candles add to the atmosphere).

4.      Bats and Broomsticks

Flying things. They can make anyone shudder. DIY some bats, stick some broomsticks in the corner and have a pair of stripy legs sticking out from under the sofa and you cover all your bases. If you can get away with it, make sure you have things dangling at head height.

5.      Light it up

Coloured lightbulbs are dead easy to get hold of – switch your normal lamp lights for red or green or even blackout lights. Or pick up coloured-glass jars for candles (Celebrations show you how to decorate your own jars on a budget).

Are you decorating your home for Halloween?

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