5 Wear-Again Halloween Costumes

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I love dressing up, but I HATE the drama of finding the costume itself. Nothing could be worse, and if you leave it too late (as I do) most of the fancy dress shops have run out of the good costumes and you’re left with “sexy nurse” or “witch”. Plus, the agony of spending money on something you only wear once can be a bit mortifying, so I’ve trawled the highstreet to pick up the best bits for a spooky costume AND that you can wear again!

1.       Jigsaw’s puppet

I actually went as Jigsaw’s puppet (“Billy”) on my last outing for Halloween (a couple of years ago now). It’s a really straightforward costume because in reality, the detail is in the make-up. Grab yourself a pair of black trousers, black jacket, white shirt and red bow tie. Trikes are really easy to find – try Argos or Toys R Us. But if you don’t want to fork out on a trike (because that really WON’T be used again), you can make your own model trike from wood or papier mâche for effect.

Jigsaws PuppetNew Look black tailored peg leg trousers, £14.99
Wear again: team with a chiffon blouse and heels for a smart workwear outfit.

New Look black stretch fit tailored jacket, £22.99
Wear again: this is an ideal cover up to smarten a casual outfit.
[Tip: pin triangles of red cloth to where the breast pocket should be to complete Billy the Puppet’s outfit]

Topshop longsleeve white shirt, £20
Wear again: Tuck in to high-waisted jeans for a pared-down look.

Slaters Woman fitted black waistcoat, £42
Wear again: This is perhaps a bit harder to re-wear, but try it with smart trousers for a fiercer office look.

Piscador plain cherry bow tie from Debenhams, £12 £6
Wear again: Admit it, how often are you going to wear a bow tie again? But this is a useful item to have, because oddly enough it’s something people have asked me for more often than you can ever imagine!

2.      Medusa

Everyone’s favourite lady with snakes for hair. You have a choice of going all-out and creating a long rattlesnake tail, or making it simple but effective with a Grecian dress and some rubber snakes. You can buy a headpiece, make your own, or even just pin in some rubber snakes at the last minute!

MedusaH&M sleeveless dress in black, £29.99
Wear again: It’s such a simple dress that you can keep this for any kind of posh night out you fancy.

New Look gold plated snake chain belt, £4.99
Wear again: C’mon, who doesn’t need a new belt!?

3.      Clown

I hate clowns. I mean, REALLY hate clowns. They blind terrify me – and don’t tell me they can be funny or adorable, because I will never believe it. But that means you can dress as a clown with relative ease, and still scare the bejebus out of people.

ClownTopshop tartan cigarette trousers, £50
Wear again: Team with a really simple top to make these the centre of attention.

Topshop mix match print shirt, £38
Wear again: This is a great Summer cover-up – throw over your bikini with a pair of denim shorts for a chic hotel-to-beach look.

Marks & Spencer Limited Collection paisley print bow tie, £9.50

4.      Victorian Doll

I hate dolls as a rule. But those porcelain Victorian dolls are just plain creepy. When I found out that Victorians used to use their children’s hair on the dolls, I decided that there was no way in the whole world I was going anywhere near those things. Try dressing up as one just to freak me out.

Victorian DollRiver Island Victoriana dress at ASOS, £35 £16
Wear again: This will be cute in the Summer with a denim jacket and cowboy boots at a festival.

ASOS Gipsy 40 denier opaque tights, £7 £4.50
Wear again: I’ll admit, you’ll probably struggle to wear these again…

Topshop Justice chain detail courts, £65
Wear again: Comfy and geek chic. Sorted! Wear them with jeans and a baggy sweater for Winter.

5.      Where’s Wally

There will inevitably be a moment when you have a last-minute invite to a party you never saw coming. Simply keep a back-up Wally outfit! Grab a striped bobble hat from eBay.

ASOS Striped jumper with heart elbow patchASOS Striped jumper with heart elbow patch, £22
Wear again: Too cute with a pair of skinny jeans for Saturday shopping.

What are you wearing for Halloween?

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