Warm-up Time is Over: Personal Training Programme Week Two

Wednesday 30 October 2013 by

After week one I was feeling good. There had been 2-3 days of thinking I’d never walk again but that had gradually subsided, I’d made it through my homework and I was ready for week two. My body was responding positively and I thought it was making a difference – I’m not sure how exactly but it felt different and training day had become my favourite day of the week.

My week two session was something else entirely. I was well and truly shown that week one had been a light warm up and I’m pleased to say week two had me feeling even more immediately exhausted. The best thing was I felt like I was improving, even within one week, and I wanted to push further. I’m trying to avoid clichéd words like ‘pumped’ and ‘feeling the burn’ but when it comes to it there aren’t many better phrases!

Unlike the week before the pains subsided much more quickly and thought I was super busy with birthday preparations for my youngest daughter I managed to squeeze the exercise in and felt better for it.

Nutribox, Gluten free, Fitness, HealthFood is still a struggle – I haven’t had many opportunities to make up big batches of anything yet but I have made two types of soup and regularly made ratatouille because it’s easy and filling for lunch time where I’d usually graze for two or three hours. I’ve also just received a Nutribox which is just brilliant but that’s for another post.

I only actually have two agreed weeks of training left and I haven’t decided what to do after that. I still feel like I need the support I get from Jen but financial factors always come into every matter.

The best part of week two was my mum telling me I looked like I’d lost weight and being able to pinpoint where the change was on my body – it sounds odd but in the past when I’ve made changes it’s always been a general ‘ooh you’ve lost weight’ but for her to mention specific areas it made me feel like one day I may be able to reach definition and actual tone in my body!

I’m so amazed by how exercise makes me feel. I’ve never been into it but the sessions with Jen have me converted, I just have to find other things I can do to keep myself motivated if the programme stops in a couple of weeks’ time.

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