Fussy Eaters Fight Club: You Win Some, You Lose Some

Sunday 3 November 2013 by

#2 – You Win Some, You Lose Some

(Mini Meatloaves & Chick-Chick Chicken Pasta Bake)


Since last post we have been busy bees – attending a two-day wedding (where there was unlimited Pick ‘n’ Mix available – the kids ate lots but not necessarily well that weekend…) and Tori had her first school Harvest Festival which was lovely.

I have however had a go at some recipes from my books – to mixed response.

First up I had a go at Annabel Karmel’s Mini Meatloaves which smelled utterly divine as they cooked but, in the end, were rejected by both of the Smalls.

It was a fairly simple recipe which involved cooking off some onions and then them and all the other ingredients together in a blender to make a soft paste which I then shaped into balls and baked in a muffin tin.

Meatloaf, Annabel Karmel, Fussy Eaters Fight Club, Food, Kids

The recipe suggests serving the meatloaves with Annabel Karmel’s tomato sauce which I’m fairly sure has lots of veggies sneaked into it but sadly the age-old ‘just chop it up small in the sauce’ trick doesn’t work with my two because they hate anything even vaguely wet. Even ketchup.

I served the Smalls’ mini meatloaves with potato shapes and, whilst they both pulled highly entertaining faces on trying the meatloaves, the potato shapes were all that got eaten.


Meatloaf, Food, Fussy Eaters Fight Club, Anabel Karmel, Kids


Annabel Karmel, Fussy Eaters Fight Club, Food, Kids, Meatloaf

Arthur hated the meatloaves so much he cried but Caius and I quite enjoyed them later on with pasta and tomato sauce so the recipe wasn’t a total loss. I wonder, too, if the Smalls would have eaten the meatloaves if I had used pork mince rather than beef as they both eat pork meatballs more often than not – I may give it another go sometime and see.

A few nights later I made the Chick-Chick Chicken Pasta Bake from the Ella’s Kitchen book. I picked this recipe because it used butternut squash and my fortnightly veg box had provided me with one (plus I generally haven’t the slightest idea what to do with them to make them edible so all ideas are open to consideration.)

This was a really easy recipe which involved cooking the pasta in one pan, frying off chopped chicken in another, steaming carrot and butternut squash and puréeing them together with some milk then stirring it all together, topping with cheese and breadcrumbs and throwing it in the oven.

Butternut squash, Pasta bake, Food, Fussy Eaters Fight Club, Kids, Ella's Kitchen

The result was a pasta bake which was moist without being wet enough to be classed as a sauce, which I served with steamed broccoli – one of the vegetables Tori will now eat (thanks to school dinners).

Butternut squash, Pasta bake, Ella's Kitchen, Food, Fussy Eaters Fight Club, Kids

Arthur was as reluctant to try it as ever but the bright orange colour won him over and the big grin on his face after the first mouthful was the best reward ever. To have it followed up by one by Tori was even better – we had a hit! Hooray!

Butternut squash, Pasta bake, Food, Kids, Fussy Eaters Fight Club, Ella's Kitchen

I had the biggest grin ever on my face as I retrieved the empty plates after dinner (well, almost empty – Arthur still hates broccoli) and we all had ice cream for pudding as a treat. Apart from Arthur, who doesn’t like ice cream and had biscuits instead.

I definitely recommend giving the pasta bake a try – it’s a great way to get veggies into your kids and they just love the bright orange colour.

Until next time, good luck with your fussy eaters and remember:

The first rule of Fussy Eaters Fight Club is SHARE EVERYTHING THAT WORKS!

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