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Sleepy Hollow, Universal Channel, TV, HorrorIt looks like our heroic duo are becoming a heroic trio… this episode’s drama came from the explosive introduction of Abbie’s sister, Jenny. Time for episode four of Sleepy Hollow.

Sleepy Hollow – episode four – The Lesser Key of Solomon

Abbie’s estranged sister Jenny has escaped from the institution, and it’s Crane and Abbie’s job to find her before she’s hauled back in. Abbie has at last come to terms with her past and lying about seeing the demon, but that doesn’t mean Jenny has forgiven her, which proves for a slightly awkward reunion to say the least.

But that’s not all – Jenny is hotly pursued by several parties, not least of which is a secret organisation (identified by spiderweb-like tattoos) who are in service to the Big Bad Demon. The demon, whose latest hobby is bringing on the apocalypse (the Headless Horseman being just the starters) is still proving problematic but Abbie and Crane are much more interested in the more immediate issues – Jenny.

It also turns out that Abbie’s old mentor, Sheriff August Corbin (who copped it in episode one) wasn’t just Abbie’s friend and adviser – the sisters have a lot more in common than they realised – and has largely contributed to Jenny’s previous delinquency. Which is all conveniently revealed (along with another ancient artefact), and interrupted just in time for the mystery to continue for another few weeks.

The episode itself felt rather lost – there was a lot going on, with different threads, flashbacks (Boston Tea Party, anyone?), character development and demon-wrangling. It felt like there was a big step from episode three to now, as if they suddenly realised we needed to know a whole load of stuff before the next episode and they hadn’t told us any of it yet.

I love Jenny though – Lyndie Greenwood is excellent as the aggressive, suspicious but vulnerable sister, and she adds a nice twist to the Crane/Abbie dynamic. I hope she becomes a regular fixture (it seems she will be) and can’t wait to see what they do with her.

The ultimate plotline (creepy tattooed guys) seemed a bit superfluous to the whole thing in the end – perhaps because it all felt so disjointed – but we did get a further insight to the demon (the ultimate goal of the series)… its name. This might be more significant later, but again, it felt a bit superfluous. It feels like there was too much to get through, with too little time, with too much ambition.

Not the best episode I’ve seen, but nor is it the worst. It was a bit meh. I’m looking forward to next week, when we will hopefully see the return of the flavour-of-the-week baddie (I vote some kind of zombie) and get more Jenny and Crane/Abbie brilliance.

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