Pack Horse Training: Personal Training Programme Week Three

Tuesday 5 November 2013 by

The title of this post probably sounds a little odd but it will all become clear, I promise. Week Three meant going in on a different day because I had work commitments during my usual slot but this didn’t detract from the quality and enjoyment of the workout. Yes, I actually said enjoyment.

This session really did step things up a level. Rather than doing 30 seconds training and then a short rest I was now up to 40 seconds then rest with the exercises feeling significantly harder which is exactly what I want – I really want to feel it’s making a difference and I can tell from doing the initial exercises there has been a change.

It may not be visible but finding 30 seconds of squats nearly impossible in the first week, now I’m happy and comfortable doing them so like any good trainer, Jen decided it was time to step things up considerably.

She introduced me to the pain that is bench dips which I’ll have to say I’ve nowhere near mastered but definitely something I can keep trying – one day I’ll be able to do it.

She also introduced me to a bloody horrible piece of equipment called The Buddy System. OUCH is all I can say. It’s a crazy bit of kit that basically made me feel like a pack horse – if you click this link you’ll get the idea. So yes, with Jen holding onto that as tight as she could and me trying to punch and pull as hard I could you could say my arms felt pretty dead afterwards!

Food wise, I’ve basically been eating soup and goulash all week. The goulash went in my slow cooker and lasted absolutely ages. I had it on his own and with rice and it filled a gap. Perhaps not the most amazing meal in the world but it was good enough. Hydration is what I fail at most as I just cannot remember to keep drinking and my body doesn’t seem to deem it necessary to tell me when I need to drink.

That’s the aim for the next week anyway – drink more and possibly get on the scales again.

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