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The Nutribox is something a friend on Twitter told me about and I grabbed the chance to try it out as soon as I looked at it. It’s basically a ton of nutritious snacks, the majority of which are gluten free, which you can order on a monthly or bi-monthly basis. It comes in two sizes and being a greedy, food-loving pig I went for the large one. The initial box comes with a fantastic 25% off so I got mine for just over £18 and it included 18 different snacks, many of which I know retail for way over £1 each so I’m satisfied it’s brilliant value.

Anyway, opening the Nutribox was all kinds of exciting – I don’t know what I expected but I wanted it to be good and I wanted to have a truckload of snacks which would fill those slumps in my day where all I really want is a big fat pie (I really love pie).

On first opening I saw this:

Nutribox, Healthy eating, Gluten free

I was excited enough by that but when I laid everything out and looked through it all I could not have been more impressed. From the whole box I hadn’t tried a single item before – even the Nakd bars, which I’ve taken up as my favourite snack, were flavours I hadn’t had before.

Nutribox, Gluten free, Healthy eating, Fitness

The makers helpfully include a full menu of all the items you receive so you can check out their nutritious plus points and basically see exactly what goodness you’re getting out of each of the yummy products.

Nutribox, Healthy eating, Gluten free

I could tell you how wonderful every item is but instead I’ve decided to choose my top three and tell you exactly why they’re so great.

Raw Nibbles – Chocolate Brownie

CHOCOLATE BROWNIE. Do I need to say anything else? This brownie is both gluten and dairy free so I’m not breaking any rules and it’s bloody lovely. I won’t say it’s the same as a triple chocolate, whole block of butter batch of brownies but it’s more than good enough!

Raw Nibbles – Spicy Seeds

I am not a seed lover, I avoid them wherever possible but Raw Nibbles may have be converted. I love a bit of spice in my food and these seeds provide exactly the right amount for a quick snack without it being overpowering and I’ve also added them to a couple of soups like the menu card suggests.

Ploughshares – Orange and Ginger

This is probably the oddest and most ‘whole food’ looking item in the whole box. It didn’t call out to me simply because it looks like it was made of twigs and sticks and the kind of food, although I’m eating it, I like to kid myself I’m not. However, I need to stand corrected and apologise to Ploughshares! A cake using gluten free oats it also has natural ginger and orange flavours which leave it much moister than I’d expected!

So yes! The Nutribox is definitely one for me and although monthly is probably too regular, I’m looking forward to another in December!

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