Five Ways Coffee Shops are Like Fashion Houses

Saturday 9 November 2013 by

Starbucks, Chai latte, Coffee shops, Charm bracelet, WinchesterI love fashion and I love my coffee shops. I probably waste a good part of my time shopping for one or supping hot chocolates in the other. But there’s an increasing amount of parallels I’m noticing…

1.       They both have seasonal ranges

From Autumn/Winter 2013 to Spring/Summer 2014, and the Starbucks spiced pumpkin latte in October to the Costa gingerbread and cream latte for Christmas, you need to be up on your trends to be seen with the latest thing. All the coffee shops are missing are catwalks.

2.      You have to know your lingo

A venti extra-hot, three pump hazelnut, soy latte your bag?  Well, if you want to be frow at fashion week you’re going to need to know your twill from your jacquard. If you can’t reel off your super-specific coffee order in sub-thirty seconds you’re not a pro.

3.      It’s all about the look

The Starbucks red cups at Christmas-time are almost more covetable than the latest offering from Karl Lagerfeld (I did say almost)… there’s a countdown in my office until they can get their first red cup.

4.      It’s not about what you know, it’s who you know

If you want tickets to the top fashion shows in town? You need to be best mates with the designers and top supermodels. Want to get in and out of Costa without repeating your order three times? Befriend one of the regular staff and watch the envy on everyone’s faces as they ask you if you want “the usual”.

5.      There’s always cake

Every fashionable ‘do seems to have cupcakes nowadays. The popularity of cupcakes has rocketed lately, and the A-listers diet must be at least 50% sprinkles at this rate. And the one of the main advantages of heading to a coffee shop is the incredible choice of cakes to go with your beverage of choice. I’m partial to the Starbucks gluten-free chocolate and hazelnut loaf (for obvious reasons), but I do remember the lemon and poppy seed muffins being pretty damned good too.

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