The End of the Beginning: Personal Training Programme Week Four

Tuesday 12 November 2013 by

Week four was officially the final week of my first booked set of sessions. I knew it wouldn’t be THE END however as I didn’t feel done or even close to being done. I felt like I was making headway but still needed the support of Jen as I know she can take me places I wouldn’t be able to go on my own.

Week four saw the introduction of lots of new exercises, modifications and I found myself using more weights and feeling a little bit like Superman (not just because Superman exercises were included in the workout).

Week four also saw me being given a brand new homework routine which is always fun as it gives me something to push for at home and it’s nice to be able to mix it up a little.

Finally and most importantly, week four saw the introduction of the burpee!

You probably know what a burpee is but I definitely didn’t.

I don’t really know the correct way to describe fitness things, being a newbie and all, but when I look it up online it’s also known as a squat thrust which may be the phrase more of you have heard of – who knows. Whatever you call it, it bloody hurts and looks a bit like a bunny hop without moving which feels odd enough in itself!

Anyway, burpees are hard and I know once I’ve got them down I’m really going to be making progress and heading towards some of my goals – although the only goals I set were get fitter which I really must be by now!

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This week was also the week I made my OWN smoothie. How good is that? I know I sound ridiculous. I’ve made them for the girls before, mainly using bananas and berries but this time as it was for me bananas were out of the question. I can’t bear the things. Instead I opted for natural yoghurt and combined it with a great recipe that Jen gave me. My first ever smoothie creation was blueberry and green tea. If I’m honest I’m not sure about it and next time I’ll probably skip the green tea and just go for the blueberry on its own. I’ve been having it for breakfast and the first of my mega meat joints (gammon) has been in the slow cooker so I’ve been feasting on that too.

Now my four weeks are up I’m now starting on Jen’s special Christmas programme. It means there are even more things to prepare myself for, including her Twelve Days of Fitmas booster, which sees a different workout for twelve days straight – if I don’t feel it then I never will.

I’m also pleased that Jen says she can see changes because that’s all I’m looking for really. I do feel the difference but seeing it is another matter – maybe I’m not looking hard enough!

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