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With Winter in full swing and dark mornings and evenings to greet us before and after work I’ve finally ditched my Summer hues in favour of their festive siblings. My particular favourite colour for this time of year is berry. Pink berry, purple berry, red berry, you name it I love it.

I first discovered berry coloured lipstick in a now discontinued Benefit makeup palette a few years back, when I clearly wasn’t worthy of such loveliness. The ‘No Competition’ mulberry coloured lipstick reminded me of the 90’s and my mum, and was quickly disregarded in favour of a sickly sweet pink gloss that accompanied the palette. Thankfully ‘No Competition’ was re-discovered last year and I was able to re-invigorate my lips with a touch of the 90’s esque luxe that I had previously guffawed at.

Lipstick, Berry

Sadly I have since discovered Benefit’s retirement of their original lipsticks in favour of some Barbie esque sugary, shimmery and altogether non sophisticated new range (shame on you Benefit!). However I am happy to say I was able to continue my ‘No Competition’ love affair with a little help from eBay, but who knows how long that will last and no doubt one day I will no longer be able to find one 🙁

There started my quest to finding some new tasty favourites!

My first find is a matte lipstick by Tivo. I picked it up in my local Tesco for around £3. On first look it’s a pretty daunting almost black cherry colour but when applied is a lovely deep pinky red. This would be a perfect go to colour for a party or dinner but perhaps a little too dramatic for an everyday lipstick. For work I blotted it with some tissue to remove most of the product and wore it with some Vaseline over the top for a sheer stain and it looked equally as lovely. I was unsure about how this lipstick was going to sit being that it was so cheap but I was pleasantly surprised that it gave such a good coverage and no streaks, it was also unsuspectingly comfortable to wear and not in the least bit drying, which can happen with a matte finished product. For those of you who don’t want to spend a fortune this lipstick is the perfect buy!

Lipstick, Berry

The second product I’ve found is ‘Colour Pout lasting lip stain’ by Collection 2000 priced at £4.99. It’s basically a felt tip for your lips! ‘Pucker’ is the deep purple berry shade and is my favourite colour in the collection but I loved this product so much that I also bought it in ‘Heatbreaker’ (a soft natural pink) and ‘Flirt’ (a coral red colour). ‘Pucker’ provides a really good coverage of colour on the lips and lasts well. I do tend to top it up after eating but that’s only to be expected and with its cheap price tag I don’t fault that! The only downfall to these types of products (also with the more expensive ones on the market) is that they are very dry and have no moisture benefits but they work particularly well with some gloss or balm over the top. The nice thing with lip stains such as this has to be the lack of colour bleeding around the lips, it’s something you will find with dark colours of lipstick in particular and lip pencils help but with ‘Colour Pout’ you won’t need to worry!

Lipstick, Berry

Thirdly I found Rimmel’s ‘Moisture Renew’ lipstick in number 300 electric plum. This is on the bluer side of purple with a slight shimmer, soft, slick and easy to put on, probably not an everyday colour but it’s certainly a head turner and I happen to really like it. I think colours like this look best with a really neutral face and just a bit of mascara for good measure; I like to let the lipstick do the talking!

Lipstick, Berry

As much as I love the drama of such a strong coloured lip many of you won’t. Believe it or not a strong coloured lipstick can actually be really versatile and they look equally as good as a lip stain. Trying dabbing a small amount onto your lips using your finger and finishing off with a touch of Vaseline or lip balm. Or if you like a strong lip but not such a dark colour then why not try a pinkier/brighter tone that will fit you all year round and for all seasons. I recommend looking at Collection 2000’s new Gothic Glam range, 2 colours in particular are number 1 ‘Seduction’ and number 3 ‘Revenge’. Both of these are more pink/red and look great day to night.

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