A Time for Change

Friday 15 November 2013 by

Red hair, Beauty, Trends, HaircutMy friends will tell you that when it comes to changing my hair I’m a bit of a coward. With the odd small adjustment, a few highlights here, a slight chop there, my hair has largely remained the same since leaving school. I was so mortified at having 3 inches chopped off once that I failed to revisit the salon for 2 years.

Yesterday however, I awoke with the realisation that in a week I will be 28. I’ve spent the last 10 years tip toeing around hair fashions and bold changes and sooner or later I will be waking with a similar realisation; I will be nearing 40 and still with the same hair. So with that in mind and a trip to my hairdresser already in place for that evening I decided it might be time to change my ways.

I’ve often thought about dyeing my hair red. I’ve been mahogany, but by any other name that’s brown with an underlying reddish tint. Throughout countless magazines I’ve lusted after the flame coloured hair of Emma Stone and Isla Fisher, but I’ve never been brave enough to take the plunge. Sitting down in front of the mirror, my familiar face looking back at me, I almost shouted at my poor hairdresser Shelley; with slight panic I pointed at a colour and told her to do it. I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone look so excited and before I knew it my head was covered with the brightest red dye you can imagine.

For a moment I did worry that I would walk out of the salon a glowing beacon of orange, for the last 2 years I’ve had a grown out subtle ombre colour and I was afraid by how the blonder parts would pick up the colour but Shelley knows what she is doing and 2 hours and a sassy blow dry later my hair looked amazing! She has kept the ombre look for me with a darker cherry hue at the roots and from about half way down I have the most vibrant flame coloured waves.

I know it’s not going to last like this for long, reds have always been famous for fading quickly, especially on lighter hair so I’m expecting to be auburn in a couple of weeks, but for now, I will enjoy my new found daringness!

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  1. Milnpa

    Looks fantastic! Do you regret not having done it before?

    • Chloe Chalk

      thankyou! yes, however 2 washes later and it’s already fading out to pink so looks like it’s going to need regular top ups which my purse isn’t going to be happy about! maybe this is an excuse to try a different colour out each time!!

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