A Rut: Personal Training Programme Week Five

Tuesday 19 November 2013 by


I’ve been lucky enough to continue seeing Jen with a special Christmas offer which should take me ever closer to fitness! Week five saw the introduction of a lot more weights and I felt this change massively. Each exercise had me stopping and straining before the end and I pushed myself further than I ever had before. I guess this is testament to a quality personal trainer as she really does keep pushing me on.

The exercise has been wonderful with Jen but at home it’s been more difficult – finding the right place to try and do dips at home is a struggle – as it trying to find things to tie my resistance band around so I can carry out all the exercises in my training is hard. I have managed it though – in a random banister-style way.

The rut I speak of in the title however is in relation to food. Child-induced lack of sleep combined with a massive workload has made me desperate for all the favourite foods I’m missing. There are sweet foods, even dairy-free chocolate, which fit into the plan but I really want things like pie and cheddar cheese and toast and although I can find gluten free variants it gets expensive and it also feels like I’m cheating even though I’m not.

I’ve countered this by getting really into a few recipe sites online and planning some meals which I can look forward to. Our sirloin joint became steaks and chilli con carne and I’m back in love with sweet potatoes after really wanting chips and cheese midweek (I didn’t have either).

I feel stronger, I feel like it is making a difference and this has to be my drive for not swaying too far from the plan.

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