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Wednesday 20 November 2013 by

Maybelline, Pure Dream, BB Cream, Make-up, Beauty, London Fashion Weekend, ReviewI’ve already half-reviewed the Maybelline Dream Pure BB Cream (£6.99) when I went to London Fashion Weekend, but I felt it was about time to give it some real justice.

The Dream Pure BB Cream claims to give you “healthy and clearer looking skin today and tomorrow”, and the oily skin version fights blemishes and mattifies. In fact, it gives you 8-in-1:

  • SPF15
  • Helps conceal redness
  • Oil free
  • Hydrates (wear it without moisturiser)
  • Mattifies
  • Targets blackheads
  • Smoothes
  • Evens skin tone

But does it really?

As I said before, it does even out my skintone and reduce some of the redness I suffer from. But its coverage does leave some to be desired – bad breakouts need an extra dab of foundation or concealer to hide. As for mattifying – not a chance. Within an hour or so, my T-zone and cheeks are practically reflective. I have to set it with powder, and then touch up during the day, almost making the BB Cream itself defunct.

My skin has definitely cleared up – I’m having less breakouts and they’re not lasting as long. It’s nice to feel my skin is clear – it’s so light it feels like I’m barely wearing make-up. And no one would notice the difference if I was wearing standard foundation or BB Cream, which is a plus for me. I wear the “light” shade, which is a touch too pale for me, but I build it up with powder, and I’d rather it be too light than too dark and get that horrid orange face!

I’m not sure how I feel about BB Creams – I’m not totally sold on them, which makes me think I’m missing a trick seeing as so many people go la-la about them. But equally I enjoy the lightness compared to foundation, and I don’t feel self-conscious going out wearing it. But am I convert? I still carry foundation in my make-up bag, so you tell me.

Next up is another BB Cream – this time from No.7. I thought I would give BB another chance, but this time try a different brand to see if that makes a difference.

Rating, Review, Three

Do you use BB Creams? What do you think?

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