TV Review: Dracula 3

Wednesday 20 November 2013 by

Dracula, 2013, TV Series, SkyIf panto was a TV series… I think Dracula would win.

Dracula – episode three – Goblin Merchant Men

*mild spoilers alert*

Lucy Westenra is out to get Mina drunk in this episode, as she attempts to help her friend over her broken heart. Absinthe and wild Bohemian parties, new men and slightly Sapphic undertones. This episode has got it all.

Sort of.

Well. Not really.

It lacks the vigour and sordid bitterness to carry off this kind of episode. Grayson is as terrifying as a Corgi puppy, and Mina is as sexually alluring as a feather duster. There is a desperate need for them to do something shocking to throw the series in to must-watch territory.

The best characters, by far, are Lucy Westenra and Van Helsing – Lucy with her sharp wit and own brand of Girl Power, and Van Helsing because his cold, calculating murder in this episode is the only truly scary bit. He is focused, impersonal and brilliant.

The moments of brilliance came from Van Helsing, obviously, and Lord Laurent’s plotline. Even Lady Jayne Wetherby seems to have lost her spark (briefly I hope) as Grayson tries to work out what her connection with the Order of the Dragon is. The other character to start to stand out in this episode is Grayson’s aide, R.M Renfield (played by Nonso Anozie), who has some of the best lines so far.

We need some gore and ridiculous sex scenes to ramp this series up. Add in some Game of Thrones-esque brutality and maybe it will help.

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How do you feel about Dracula so far?

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