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Sleepy Hollow, Universal Channel, TV, HorrorI’m openly going to admit that I really look forward to each week’s new episode of Sleepy Hollow. Hello new TV show addiction…

Sleepy Hollow – episode six – The Sin Eater

*mild spoilers alert*

When Crane goes missing, it’s up to Abbie to find him before it all goes seriously wrong. This time, it’s her turn for a visit from Crane’s entrapped wife, who urges her to seek out a Sin Eater, who will help her find Crane and break his tie with the Headless Horseman.

Because the Headless Horseman is back, folks, and he’s gunning for our British hero. [insert pantomime boos and hisses here]

You’ll also be excited to hear that Abbie’s sister, Jenny, makes a welcome return, in an effort to track down Crane.

This episode is the perfect chance to do some plot manoeuvring – we meet Crane as a British soldier, and see his first meeting with Katrina; we discover that the Masons have something to do with this (of course), and that Crane and the Headless Horseman’s bond means that to kill one, you must also kill the other. Not ideal.

But the Sin Eater can help. A Sin Eater simply “eats” a person’s sins, leaving them “sanctified”. The sisters track down Henry Parrish (John Noble, who you may recognise as Denethor in The Lord of the Rings; what a legend), a Sin Eater who used to do the Death Row rounds, but he is less than willing to help rescue Crane, although he offers a clue to the Brit’s whereabouts.

Crane, meanwhile, is battling with his own inner demons as the Masons (hello James Frain!) explain the full consequences of his bond with the Headless Horseman. As long as he carries around his sin (I’m not revealing that bit), he and the Horseman will be linked, and Death can ride free. The simple answer? Down a bottle of poison.

Luckily, Abbie arrives in time… but Crane has made his mind up…

And I’m going to leave it there as I’d rather not give away the BIG spoiler when I’ve only allowed for mild ones!

This episode was great – it had all the ingredients for a good plot, with enough bite to carry off the mid-season leap it needed to get things moving a bit. Plus, the appearances of James Frain and John Noble scored points for me. There was the reappearance of Jenny – though she had very little to do – and the cementing of Crane and Abbie’s bond. Like I said before, it’s this bond that will carry the whole series, so we needed its stamp on this episode. There’s nothing quite like deadly peril and some grey areas to make relationships complicated.

I really love this programme. It’s cranking up the gears now, and can I just freely admit that I’m a bit in love with Crane!?

Rating, Four, Review

What did you think of episode six? And did you enjoy the ending?

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