Cocktail Bar: Shirley Temple with a Twist

Friday 22 November 2013 by

Everyone’s heard of the Shirley Temple. But it wasn’t until I looked it up that I realised how easy it was to make. So I couldn’t resist!

Originally a non-alcoholic drink, simply splash vodka to give it a kick. Its origins are unknown, but it seems to have been created as a cocktail supplement for kids.

You can see why it would be popular with the younger types – it’s a sweet, slightly fizzy, exciting cocktail. But the vodka definitely makes it much more fun!

Orange juice, Ginger ale, Vodka, Alcohol, Cocktail, Shirley Temple, Grenadine

You will need:

  • Collins glass
  • Ice

Shirley Temple, Alcohol, Cocktail, Vodka


  • 30 ml grenadine
  • 180 ml ginger ale
  • 60 ml vodka
  • 60 ml orange juice

How to make it:

You don’t even need a cocktail shaker for this – drizzle the grenadine in the glass, add the ice, then pour in the rest of the ingredients, stir thoroughly and serve. It’s an obnoxious, bright colour, as you can tell from the close up below, and frankly it’s borderline too sweet for me. One drink and you should probably move on, but it is pretty good for an indulgent Friday night.

Vodka, Cocktail, Shirley Temple

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