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We’re having a run of really good episodes in all the TV shows I’m watching lately. This one really stepped things up a gear, and I was furious that I had to wait another week.

Sleepy Hollow – episode seven The Midnight Ride

*mild spoilers alert*

In this episode, we see the return of the Headless Horseman. Now Crane and the Horseman are no longer tied by blood, he is all the more dangerous. And it’s about time Abbie and Crane stop him before he kills again.

But before we get there, we’ve got another lesson in American history – Revere’s Midnight Ride. As I was never taught about Revere in school, I had to look it up (and you can too – here). The reason for this becomes all the more clear when our friends from last week, the Masons, turn up… after the Horseman has dealt with them (which is all a bit grim – big points to the creators for making it nasty without having to rely on gore).

Now it’s time for Crane and Abbie’s Midnight Ride. Using clues from the expired Masons, and a surprise visit from our should-be-expired Andy Brooks (I think we’re going to see a LOT more of him), the duo decide that the secret is in the Headless Horseman’s head…


They’re half right.

So it turns out you can’t kill Death (duh). But you can trap him.

Before I go and give away the ending (which is very dramatic and awesome and cliffhanger-heavy), I’m going to stop there. This is a great episode! It’s got everything from humour, to peril to mystery to action. I adore Abbie and Crane, and Captain Frank Irving (played by Orlando Jones), and their dynamic (as I’ve said before) is pure pleasure to watch. Even Irving gets his crack at the whip solo and cements his place as one of my favourite characters! Andy Brooks is suitably creepy, and you definitely feel a couple of heart-pounding moments as you convince yourself something  much more ominous is coming. They are building the tension beautifully, teasing us with asides and managing the big, dramatic scenes with skill.

What can they do after this episode? Well – with the Horseman in his current – er – predicament, it’s all a bit up in the air really. And rather than feel they’ve overcooked it and will now suffer from a sort of meh series, I CAN’T WAIT FOR THE NEXT EPISODE.

Rating, Four, Review

Are you still enjoying Sleepy Hollow? What do you think is coming next?

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