Baggy Trousers: Personal Training Programme Week Six

Tuesday 26 November 2013 by

There I said it. There are trousers and they are baggy. It’s not something I noticed, as I never do, but Jen mentioned it in our session and it made me want to work even harder. I’m not a fan of being complimented but when it’s genuine and visible then it really does make you feel on top of the world.

This week saw the introduction of both the gym ball and barbells. I actually did some lying down on a bench too which may sound ridiculously easy and relaxing but it was horrible! I do not like lying down – it’s disorientating and the bench is just weird. The barbell was an interesting experience, I felt a little like someone proper lifting weights and the gym ball is even stranger.

The reason for using it is to help strengthen your core and give you the opportunity to extend yourself further. We mainly used it for squats, where my aim was to squat lower than I had ever squatted before!

My home exercise this week was really hard, I struggled with it because of my general lack of time but Jen has really been backing me up and her motivational emails and posts are really making me realise that 15 minutes is 15 minutes. I DO have a spare 15 minutes and I should use them proactively.

For the coming week I want to push myself at home and get more from those workouts. I sometimes feel like I’ve plodded a little where I should have been pushing myself harder and getting the most out of those 15 minutes as is physically possible. I’ve also put a heart rate monitor watch on my Christmas List as I think seeing the numbers will make a real difference to my motivation at home!

SO, the trousers are baggy and I’m looking for more motivation! My last session with Jen is on December 16th so I’ve got until then to really push it as hard as I can!

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