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Thursday 28 November 2013 by

Christmas, Snow, BathSo Christmas is fast approaching – approaching faster than I like to think.

Never fear, House of Blog is here to get you through this time of year. But we need your help!

We need hints, tips, tricks and suggestions for everything from decorating your Christmas tree to what to buy your great aunt. Got a brilliant way of cooking sprouts? Tell us!

There will be Christmas posts throughout the month of December (from Christmassy cocktails in the Cocktail Bar, to party-perfect outfits in The Wardrobe and cheap stocking fillers in The Living Room). But we need your help to tell us your tips for the Christmas holiday, from shopping for the perfect gift to cooking the best turkey in town.

Get in touch with me at and you can feature in your very own Christmas post on House of Blog.

Want to know what else to expect this December!? We’ve got a brand new Bookclub coming up, another Favourite Food of the Month, and plenty more from our Housemates. Are you ready?

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