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Since the changing of the clocks I have found it very difficult to get up in the morning, what was once a morning routine of 07:30 wakeup calls is now pushed as close to 08:00 as I can (hair washing dependent!) and therefore my daily beauty regime has somewhat slipped and I’ve found myself reaching for the quick and easy products in my bag. If you are the kind of person who favours this wash and go approach to your morning routine and tend to shy away from time consuming makeup then I definitely recommend investing in some multi-purpose products.

There are plenty on the market these days and they are very easy to use. Notably the BB/CC creams that have come to the forefront of makeup in the last 18 months. The advantages of a tinted moisturiser such as the BB creams are that you are giving your skin the coverage and benefits of foundation and moisturisers in one easy step and they come in an array of prices.

For those of you who like to keep a lid on the pennies I can definitely recommend the Pure BB cream on offer at Home Bargains. For a remarkably low price (£1.99) you get great coverage, a slightly but not overpowering sun-kissed look (probably not suitable for those with alabaster/porcelain complexions) and beautifully moisturised skin all day. The only downside for me is that due to having unpleasantly oily skin I tend to get shiny quite quickly with this product and I need to powder during the day but otherwise it’s a beauty bargain!

For those of you like me who have to deal with problematic skin I recommend looking at the products on offer from No7, they have a choice of BB creams to suit different skin types (dry/very dry, normal/dry and normal/oily) and are priced at £12.95, however I’m currently using the Tinted Moisturising Day Cream by Nivea in ‘Natural’. This sits somewhere in the middle and Nivea products tend to be on offer quite often in supermarkets; I picked this up for £2.99 on offer a couple of weeks ago but its usual price of around £4 is still nothing to baulk at! It gives great coverage, although a little shiny after a few hours wear, it’s only real downfall is that it only comes in the ‘Natural’ option and therefore will be limited as to who can wear it well!

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My next must have multi-purpose product would be a lip & cheek tint. Famously available at Benefit (Benetint/Posietint/Cha Cha Tint) priced at a rather hefty £24.50 or you can get travel sizes on eBay for a fraction of this. They are all lovely colours but the Cha Cha Tint has to be my favourite of the 3. It is a very pretty coral colour, perfect for summer, and I found it matched red, pink and orange based lipsticks well and leaves you with a healthy glow. You can get cheaper alternatives in Boots and Superdrug but I tend to find they dry quicker and aren’t as easy to blend onto the cheeks. I have also been known to use lipstick as a blusher (a tip I picked up off my mum), this is particularly good if you can’t find a good match of blusher to your lipstick or if you are wearing a bronzer and just want a little oomph to your cheeks.

For a subtle touch of colour dab your middle finger onto your lips after applying your lipstick and lightly touch it onto your cheeks – I’m in favour of wearing it high on the apples but wear it where you like it best. This trick can also work well with a tinted lip balm such as Vaseline Rosy Lips (£1.99) or their Limited Edition ‘Paint the town Red’ balm (£3.49). I use it lightly over my lipsticks to keep them moisturised and then dab the excess onto my cheeks, it adds a small hint of colour and also a little shine which acts as a highlighter.

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If, like me, you like or need to fill in your eyebrows, choose a pencil that can also double as eyeliner. The Rimmel professional eyebrow pencil (£2.99) is particularly good and is soft enough to use around your eyes. I use the dark brown anyway which is dark enough to use as eyeliner but if you are using a fair coloured pencil then you may need to top it up with a little powder or extra eyeliner for a deeper colour.

Add to that a good one coat mascara (perhaps the YSL Babydoll as mentioned in my previous post) and you’ve got yourself a no fuss makeup kit that will get you looking polished in no time. (I’m going to take a bet on 5 minutes once you’ve got the hang of it!!)

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