A Bit of Painting, A Little Present and A Lot of Pie

Tuesday 3 December 2013 by

A busy week and the long evenings have started which will likely continue until Christmas Eve.

I’m happy to have finished shopping for the kids now although I may pick up a few bits and pieces along the way. I found a football shirt on eBay for the boy for £10.52, paid for it then realised I had no idea how old it was. Luckily it has turned out to be the most recent shirt. The boy wouldn’t have noticed but there are definitely boys his age at Sunday morning football training who would have called him up on it and I don’t want him to suffer for my total lack of football knowledge.

I’ve started painting my ugly wall unit. I’ve primed the bottom half but undecided on what colour to go for. It looks better already. I briefly flirted with the idea of sanding it first. I vigorously rubbed a small area for a few minutes until it looked quite dusty. I cleaned the dust off, expecting to see a varnish free surface and feeling smug about my furniture restoration skills.

Nothing. Not even a scratch. No idea where the dust came from. So I skipped that bit and covered it with primer instead.

Wardrobe, DIY, Paint

I think I’m going to put wallpaper on the back panel of the top half. I had a look online and found an amazing wallpaper for £130 a roll. A little out of my price range but thought I might cover it with a generous free sample. However, the website will only give you an A4 sized sample piece so I’ll be off to B&Q talking loudly about what paper to use in the bedroom and how I’ll need a large piece to help my visualisation, just in case any shop assistants are wondering why I need a sample size roughly the same size as me.

As for Christmas…

Having largely exhausted the sharpie pen and personalised gifts last year, I have been experimenting with felt. It is quite cheap to buy, versatile and easy to work with so it lends itself nicely to my tight purse and poor sewing skills. That isn’t to say crafty people in the felt arena don’t possess and demonstrate great skill; they really do. It’s just to say that even someone as hamfisted as myself can knock something together that will pass as a gift.

I’ve finished a keyring so far. My friend (who is a far more accomplished crafter than I) gave me some felt sheets to practice with, and I seemed to have a few empty keyring hoops on my house keys. 2 hours later and… Violà!

Felt keyring, Homemade, Camera

As a general rule, unless you are seriously talented, I don’t think people are that appreciative of handmade gifts. That may just be my experience because everything I make clearly looks so handmade. Family are supposed to welcome it but mine – well – not so much.  They just see it as Emily is being tight again and they are usually right. It doesn’t mean I’ve stopped making handmade gifts; I’ve just started using nice tissue paper and ribbons to wrap things so I can pass them off as from little craft shops.

My sister is the most difficult to please. Last year I bought a beautiful, ornate gold frame and turned it into a note board by stringing lace and ribbon across to peg paper to. There was even a fabric covered magnetic board in one corner with handmade magnets.  I don’t want to blow my own trumpet but… Pah-pa-rah… I just did. I loved it, but even so I doubted myself and pegged a voucher to it for good measure. I can hear myself even now, confronted with her bemused expressed ‘but look, I’ve put a voucher on it for you!’ As if my masterpiece was nothing more than a convoluted gift voucher envelope.

So being the glutton for punishment that I am, sister is getting a handmade present and long may she continue to get them until she either starts appreciating me or gets better at hiding her indifference.

On an entirely different note, I think I invented a new meal this week.

Imagine this. Roast dinner, in a pie. I know, right? We had lots of roast dinner left over, not just the usual half a chicken to throw in a curry.  There were roast potatoes, mashed sweet potato, green beans, broccoli, chicken, gravy and carrots. So I put it all in a dish and some puff pastry on top. It must be a week of trumpet blowing because it was delicious. I’m going to call it ‘Emily’s stick some pastry on your leftovers pie’.  My gift to you. Handmade, of course.

Homemade, Pie, Roast dinner, Leftovers

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