Managing Motivation: Personal Training Programme Week Seven

Tuesday 3 December 2013 by

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Since Jen mentioned she’ll be taking my measurements again on December 16th I’ve been panicking. I’ll be distraught if there hasn’t been a significant change so I really want to be sure I can get something measurable out of this. It’s made me think about every move I make and has made me more active, if only in the form of walking a little more.

I guess it is motivation really isn’t it? Fear isn’t really a great motivator but I suppose my real motivation is the real desire to see a difference. I want all the effort I’ve put into training to have made a difference and I want there to be palpable results. Just looking at your body isn’t enough, or it isn’t for me.

With this in mind I’ve also been looking at equipment I could use to make a difference. I’ve got myself (although it hasn’t arrived yet) a heart rate monitor watch. A friend told me it is life changing as you can actually see the burn that’s generated from your workout. I think seeing the numbers will make me push myself even harder and it may mean I actually do try out that run around the block I’ve been threatening myself with for the last year or so!

The session with Jen felt really good again. I used the kettle bells and the gym ball again. I’m still not a fan of the gym ball but it makes squatting easier and you can get lower and push harder which is of course the point of it all.

The Twelve Days of Fitmas has now started (as of yesterday) and so I have an extra workout to do every day and I’m hoping if I push it hard enough it’ll knock a few more inches of those measurements on 16th. They seem to be all I can focus on at the moment which isn’t necessarily a bad thing but I think I need to refocus and get back to thinking about health!

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