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1. Elf Yourself

This app is a classic, and has been going round for a few years. There’s good reason why it keeps coming back year after year, though: it’s hilarious. Take photos or use existing ones to get the faces of up to 5 friends and family onto the dancing bodies of elves. I don’t know why this is so brilliantly funny, but it really, really is. The downside is, to access all the dances you have to pay money, but the free ‘Office Party’ is enough to give you the giggles several times over.

2. Advent 2013 (MagicSolver)

While a lot of the Apps that are ‘gifted’ behind the windows of this virtual advent calendar are already free, it’s a good way of discovering some new games and apps. The Christmas themed ‘challenges’ to unlock each door will get you in the Christmas mood, too.

3. QuizUp

Not exactly Christmas themed, but if your family is anything like mine, the quiz books all get dusted off for post Christmas dinner entertainment. QuizUp has quizzes on hundreds of topics, from popular music and television shows to general knowledge and geography. The game pairs you with a random contestant to battle for points. Speed and accuracy are key – the faster you get the right answer, the more points you get. Bound to work the family out of the post-dinner coma.

4. Santa Spy Cam

A clever little app that you can use to make a bit of Christmas magic. Line up your camera with certain objects in your house and watch as the app inserts Christmas characters into the scene, interacting with your stationary objects. Elves peeking out from behind furniture, Santa making an appearance in the living room – this is bound to delight young children. Again, you have to pay to unlock all the scenes, but for a couple of quid it’s definitely worth the in-app purchase!

5. Sing Along to 50+ Christmas Carols

A cute little karaoke app with all the Christmas classics. It costs just £2.99 to access more carols than you’ll ever manage to sing in the advent season. From well known favourites like Away in a Manger, to the lesser known carols, there’s loads here to warble along to.

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