Cocktail Bar: Chocolate Raspberry Martini

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Christmas is sweeping up on us, and for once, I am less Grinch more Christmas Fairy. I’m actually ENJOYING the run-up to the festive holidays this year. Is that even possible!? Perhaps it’s because I don’t work in retail anymore…

Anyway, to keep with the good cheer (the cheer will remain as long as no one plays Christmas songs because then I Grinch-out), for the month of December, Cocktail Bar will be all Christmassy and festive!

Chocolate raspberry martini, Christmas, Alcohol, Absolut, Creme de cacao

First up, we have the chocolate raspberry martini.

How is it so festive (I hear you ask)?

… Just taste it! It’s so yummy!

You will need:

  • Martini glass
  • Sweetened cocoa powder (optional)
  • Fresh raspberries (optional)

Chocolate raspberry martini, Alcohol, Cocktail, Christmas, Absolut


  • 45ml raspberry vodka
  • 30ml white crème de cacao

How to make it:

Make sure the vodka and crème de cacao are really chilled before making the cocktail. Rim your glass with the sweetened cocoa powder and pop the fresh raspberries in. Although both garnishes are optional, I particularly love the cocoa powder to give it that extra cocktail bar fanciness (and dash of sweetness as you sip).

Pour in the ingredients (don’t stir OR shake!) and serve straight away. I didn’t use white crème de cacao in the end – just plain old De Kuyper crème de cacao liqueur. It gives it that chocolatey look!

Chocolate raspberry martini, Cocktail, Alcohol, Absolut, Creme de cacao, De Kuyper

The bite of the vodka is softened by the crème de cacao, and they blend together to make a delicious cocktail that’s perfect for welcome drinks for that Christmas dinner party you’re hosting, a night in with your feet up (it’s a strong’un so you might only want one or two) or a toe-tingler on a frosty evening. Glamourous, indulgent and delicious – what more could you want from a Christmas cocktail!?

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