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Sleepy Hollow, Universal Channel, TV, HorrorAll the shows are taking a break for Christmas, so this is the last review you’re going to get in a while… But I’ll be back in the New Year with the new episodes!

Sleepy Hollow – episode nine – Sanctuary

*MASSIVE spoilers alert*

I can’t talk about this episode without giving away a BIG plot point, so if you haven’t seen it yet and don’t want to find out LOOK AWAY NOW. Come back and read it when you’re up-to-date.

As everyone prepares for Thanksgiving, Crane and Abbie are tasked with investigating a missing persons case. Billionaire socialite Lena Gilbert (played by Erin Cahill) discovers she has inherited an old colonial-era house on the outskirts of Sleepy Hollow, but mysteriously disappears almost as soon as she arrives.

The house in question has some history here – Crane visited it in his “previous” life with Katrina and met the owner; abolitionist and all-round nice guy Lachlan Fredericks (played by Craig Trow). The house was known as a safe-haven for anyone and everyone, but things have drastically changed since Crane’s first visit – and now it seems be a very creepy, very evil, haunted house. Fredericks, it turns out, was a warlock, part of Katrina’s coven, and had warded the house against evil. But somehow, evil had got in, and nasty things happened.

Trapped in the house, Abbie and Crane have awoken the evil being, and they are in a race against time to save Lena and get out. But that’s not all – this evil thing is part of the Bigger Plan and it quickly becomes clear how the safe-haven turned into deathtrap.

With the help of a ghost, Abbie sees via apparition (?) how the evil got in. But that’s not all – AND HERE’S THE BIG SPOILER – Abbie also sees Katrina giving birth to Crane’s son.

Yep. Crane was a dad. And he didn’t even know it.

Cue some angst.

How do I feel about this episode though?

I was a bit meh about the premise. A haunted house? An evil tree? I’m kind of over it already. And the backstory involving Crane and Katrina’s first visit felt a bit weak – it was a jump from “we visited here once” to “it must be because Fredericks was a warlock”. It’s useful for the episode arc for them to figure it out quickly, but there should have been a touch more puzzlement.

And I could have seen the “I have a child!?” thing coming because it’s a natural progression for a returned-from-dead main character. But what improved it was Crane’s behaviour. There wasn’t any denial/elation/weeping like a child. Just cold, hard, vengeance. Which makes me love him more, if I’m honest.

I’d be interested to see how the revelation translates in to the rest of the series. The last scene with Abbie and Crane discussing family and friends was a nice touch, and gives us an inkling of what could come next, but doesn’t really give us an idea of the full impact of Crane’s child. After all, he could have a living relative. But that was nicely brushed over (I expect to be a convenient plot point later on).

I also feel that there is something more in the whole Abbie’s ancestor bit. But I’m not sure how they’re going to play that one. So far, the whole reason Crane is hanging around and all the evil things (Headless Horseman and Evil Tree) are hanging around is because of his marriage (and child, it now transpires). Death is just really annoyed because he was in love with Katrina too, and the Tree wanted the baby.

Is the Demon going to turn out to be Crane’s dad who is really pissed at him for not following the family business or something!?

Rating, Review, Three

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