Sick Day: Personal Training Programme Week Eight

Tuesday 10 December 2013 by

I am TWO weeks from it all being over and my actual horrible results will be on display for all to see! I say horrible whilst really if there has been an inch of change I’ll be happy and it’ll feel worth it. Now Week 8 and Week 9 have actually merged into one since sickness struck my house last week and I couldn’t even consider leaving the house let alone trying to be fit.

Anyway, back to the session. Every week I really do feel like I’m getting more into it, although there are some things I’ll never be good at (press-ups anybody?) and I’m even getting on with the gym ball thing a little better although I’m not sure we’ll ever be friends.

There is definite progression. The first week saw a plank (on the knees) for 15 seconds maximum and even then I was shaking through the sheer strain of it. Today I’m up to a 30 second plank, no knees involved, and it hurts but I can make my way through the whole thing without dying. It may not sound like a huge leap but it feels it to me.

What will I do when I’m not training with Jen anymore? It’s a hard one! We’re discussing online mentoring and even last week I mentioned the dreaded run around the block. Without Jen pushing me face-to-face I’ll definitely have to throw myself into it a little harder and find a new level of discipline.

This week also saw me giving my HRM watch a test drive and the results amazed me. In my session I managed to burn 520 calories in 50 minutes which amazed me and I guess it shows it does actually work! Although I’m not counting calories or anything like that I am motivated by numbers so seeing that, utilising my actual heartbeat, that that kind of burn was possible in less than an hour I was really impressed. I’m now aiming for a minimum of the same in each session if I can manage it – even though there’s only three left!

Part of me expected to have forgotten how to do everything, even after missing one week, but the session felt so much better! It seems like this fitness thing is a little bit like learning to swim or riding a bike – who knew?

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