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What is it about Christmas parties?

Every year in September when the first mention of the office Christmas party is thrown around I always tell myself I’m going to re-wear something sparkly from the back of my cupboard. But then every year 2 months later and on the eve of the party I always panic buy a mound of dresses from ASOS, spend the extra £6 on next day delivery, rush home at lunchtime to try them on, and saunter off in the evening in the exact back of the cupboard dress I’d previously thought of. It’s become a bit of a tradition and the talk of a few of the girls in the office.

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Needless to say this year was no different, although I haven’t quite left it until the evening before the party to do my panic buying, mine isn’t for another 10 days but I do have a trial run at a friend’s festive ‘do the week before so I’ve got time to work on my look.

My usual go-to style of dress tends to sit above the knee, I’ve never been bothered about my legs and it’s a pretty good mantra that showing off the bits you’re confident with will make you feel good. This has always been fine at my own office parties, I know what I can get away with and I’m not afraid to push the boundaries, however a black tie event in the heart of Bristol with my friend’s company doesn’t quite have the free rein I’ve been used to!

The only dress I could find online that’s even close to black tie ready and not ballgown-y is a Devore maxi dress from ASOS with a side split to the knee and half length sleeves. I like it on the model, but I’m not sure how it will look on me, all tummy and hips! I was surprised when I tried it on that it actually fit really nicely, the only thing I don’t particularly like are the kimono type sleeves, I’d have much preferred slimmer fitting ones but it’s a small thing that I can overlook.

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On the night I actually felt pretty confident striding into the party until I locked eyes on every other young female in the room. All legs out and flirty looking – the usual me! I suddenly felt very dowdy and frumpy! It didn’t stop me from having a good night and going home with a number but it’s definitely confirmed that I’m going to stick to my cocktail dresses from now on and get my pins on display – at least I slipped a few thigh skimming numbers into my basket at the same time so I don’t need to re-live my panic for my party next week!

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