Quick and Easy Veggie Stew

Friday 13 December 2013 by

Baby sweetcorn, Sugarsnap peas, Chopped tomatoes, Carrots, Green beans, Poached egg

Or, as I prefer to call it, empty-cupboard-feeling-uninspired-veggie-stew-ratatouille-thing.

I am STILL suffering from a bad knee – which means I get a grand total of a couple of kilometres in to my run and it gives out and I have to hobble like Long John Silver back home. After my run last night, I was super grumpy. I’m meant to be running 20 miles in February, a half marathon in March and even aiming for a marathon by the end of 2014. So far I can’t even run 3km (in perspective: a half marathon is 21km).

I am also coming down with a cold (endless sneezing fits and a blocked ear – BAD signs), which is my cue to cram in as many vitamins and greens as I can physically cope with and try to drink my bodyweight in water.

Cue the empty-cupboard-feeling-uninspired-veggie-stew-ratatouille-thing. Shopping day is Friday, so Thursday is a bit of a throw-together-and-see type affair at dinnertime. I knew I wanted veggies, so fried off some onions, and threw in baby sweetcorn, sugarsnap peas, green beans, carrots and chopped tomatoes. Season with oregano, salt and pepper, much like you would with a bolognese, and leave to simmer through.

Once bubbling nicely, choose your accompaniment. It works really well with spaghetti or crusty bread, but because I had attempted a run and needed some goodness to help my knee heal, I chose the protein route. Poach an egg to your taste (I like mine with a runny yolk), serve your veggies and pop it on top. Voilà!

Quick, simple, and tasty. Oh, and FULL of vitamins. Plus it’s under 300 calories. That’s so good you can go back for seconds!

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