Christmas Present Ideas 2

Monday 16 December 2013 by

Are you still panicking over what to buy people for Christmas? There’s one more weekend to go, and if you’re brave enough to venture anywhere near shops right now, be prepared to use your elbows. Luckily, I’ve trawled the internet for some more pressie picks for you!

Next, Mulled wine, Kitchen, Decanter, Mugs

Christmas in the kitchen

Mulled wine anyone? Pick up this gorgeous decanter and set of 4 mulled wine mugs for £39 from Next. It’s so sweet, and perfect for any festivities! Even if it doesn’t get used this Christmas, it will certainly get well-used next year.

Not on the Highstreet, Baking, Kitchen, Kitchen cutters, Flour shaker

The Baker

Head to Not on the Highstreet and pick up these cute kitchen cutters and flour shaker, £18. I love anything vintage, kitsch or unique, and these cutters and the flour shaker are beautiful in themselves, let alone the thought of what they will be making! (This present must be given with the understanding you will be taste tester…)

Sport, Print, Not on the Highstreet, Wall print

The Fitness Fanatic

We’ve all got one in the family; the one who loves sport, spends half their life down the gym or traipsing around country lanes on bikes, and fills the house with gadgets for every occasion. Once again, Not on the Highstreet is your friend – why not get a personalised sporting event print, £59, to commemorate their greatest achievement or favourite match (so far)?

Bookends, Owl, Kaleidoscope

The Animal Lover

Part One: Love owls and books? Get some owl bookends, £30. Or pick up a copy of the Wildlife Photographer of the Year, £25 for a truly stunning coffee table book.

Part Two: Dog and cat mugs are rife at the moment – grab one with your gift-receiver’s favourite breed printed on it! Dog mugs are from £19.95 on Emma Bridgewater, and cat mugs are from £10.50 on Café Press.

Part Three: Adopt an animal with WWF on behalf of someone from just £3 a month.

Quaver, Music, CD holder

The Musician

There is a whole website dedicated to this! The Quaver design CD holder, £24.99, is a cute nod to their musicality.

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