Double Up: Personal Training Programme Week Nine

Tuesday 17 December 2013 by

As I missed a week due to illness week nine actually happened the day after day eight and wow I could tell. The whole experience was about 20 times hard than any other session because my muscles were basically shouting at me for trying to make them work so soon after the last session!

Of course this didn’t mean Jen went easy on me – where would anyone be if personal trainers were like that? Once again pushed as hard as possible I thought I was genuinely going to collapse. Some of my favourite (or not) exercises were brought back today. My very favourite is a combo of punching and press-ups where we go from 1 to 10 in the sequence of one punch, one press-up (against the wall), two punches, two press-ups. I can usually make it to about 5 before wishing I could just curl up in a ball and disappear!

Food is as ever my vice. My girls have finished their childcare until after Christmas so finding the time to eat properly seems so much more difficult. This coupled with my regular need to keep working until past 2am (the joys of self-employment) I’ve had some close shaves with Cadbury’s!

The HRM watch was out again for ‘week nine’ but unsurprisingly the burn was down to around 450 as I simply couldn’t push myself so hard with the crazy pains in pretty much every muscle in my body!

Next week is the FINAL! I’ll have my measurements to share and we’ll see whether there’s been any improvement. I’ll say now that there must have been from a fitness and endurance perspective but whether my body’s changed is anybody’s guess! I’m not very good at the body side of things!

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