The End: Personal Training Programme Week 10

Tuesday 24 December 2013 by

That’s it. It’s all over with. I’m quite sad about it in some ways as I’ve really really enjoyed realising I can do all these things I’ve never done before and part of me is excited because I’ll now be looking for new exercise ideas to fit into the gap I once spent with Jen.

In the 10 weeks I’ve lost 20 inches across my body – I don’t have specifics for what has been lost where to me that sounds like a lot and it’s more than a great start. Those 20 inches are not something I want to see again so they need to be further kick in the right direction to keep this up. It’s all too easy to have a week or even a month off but this has been a fantastic experience and I don’t want it to end yet.

I can’t afford personal training every week for the rest of my life unfortunately, nor can I really justify gym membership as fitting in one session a week doesn’t make it feel worth it and I’m still quite intimidated in those types of places on my own – which I know is pretty ridiculous but there we are. However, we’re lucky to have a really good government scheme that offers some really affordable exercise classes as local gyms and centres and they also have a beginner’s running club nearby so I’m just waiting (quite impatiently) for the new timetables to go up. I just want to plan what I do next and although I’ve finished seeing Jen on a weekly basis we’ll still be working together through an online fitness programme and I definitely still need it.

I’m really amazed I managed to keep it up for 10 weeks and though I don’t feel transformed, it feels like a good start!

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