A Winning Leftover Turkey Solution

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TurkeyCrispy whole roast festive turkey
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I could list the hundred things you can do with turkey, and we’d be here until mid-January as you try them out with all that leftover meat.

Welcome to Boxing Day.

You’ve eaten far too much for Christmas Day, and now you have enough turkey to last you another week and already feel like if you ever see another turkey sandwich it will be too soon.

My favourite leftover turkey trick is a really obvious one.

Turkey curry.

A lot of people will already have turkey curry as part of their what-to-do-with-too-much-turkey plan. It’s quick and easy and an instant winner.

For our turkey curry, we choose a mild, creamy curry, like a pasanda or korma (many members of the household can’t handle too much spice). Add in some mushrooms if we have any, and then serve up with all the trimmings.

Trimmings include dessicated coconut, flaked almonds, banana slices, sultanas, mango chutney, mint raita, naan, poppadum, and lime pickle. We go a bit nuts. This year I will be making a blend of Basmati rice and pilau rice. The only thing I don’t have the confidence to try yet is making our own naan.

Gluten free naan is a bit bleugh, so I tend to go without and top up the extras instead. I’ve found a brilliant recipe for saag aloo (I’ll be adding a tiny bit of coriander and a squeeze of lemon to get it just the way I like it) which I will be serving up as a side dish too.

The trick with turkey is not to dry it out, which is where curries work so well. But rather than leave it for hours to simmer, it’s a curry that’s going to need to be served quickly, preferably with a cold beer or cider to wash it all down.

What is your favourite thing to do with leftover Christmas turkey?

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