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Thursday 26 December 2013 by

No7, Boots, Nails, Colour, BeautyI was going to attempt some festive nails for Christmas Day (think Santa or Christmas trees), but I don’t have the patience or the steady hand. And the fact I was making the last of the hampers up until the evening of Christmas Eve meant that I had too little time to do my nails properly.

Which is why I lumped for my absolute favourite nail polish of 2013 (genuinely).

No7’s Stay Perfect Nail Colour really does stay perfect for a good length of time (one of the more chip-resistant ranges I’ve found, and I’m very prone to chipping). The colours are beautiful, with a glossy finish so good you can even get away with not doing a top coat (I would recommend one though as the pigment is quite strong, so you’ll leave marks on things otherwise).

Starting from £6 each, they last forever because you need so few layers.

And my favourite?

Colour 15 – Salsa. This is a super-glossy bright red with gold-ish undertones to really make your nails flash. I only needed two layers to get the perfect colour for Christmas! And with a generous slick of top coat, they will almost certainly last until New Year’s. Dreamy.

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