5 Apps to Help You With Your Fitness Targets this Year

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Many people make New Year’s Resolutions to get in shape. Usually, they don’t last long past January, but if you’re keen to make it stick this year, here are five apps to help you:

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1.     RunKeeper


A free GPS powered running app that is hugely versatile. It will measure your distance, pace, calorie burn and many other things, along with allowing you to input notes on the weather, the type of course and even your feelings on the run. It’s backed up by social networking compatibility so if you’re the kind of person motivated by encouragement from others, you can add friends and post directly to Facebook.

2.     My Fitness Pal


An app that tracks your daily calorie intake, balancing it with exercise and lifestyle to provide a calorie goal to help you lose weight. It obviously relies on honesty, and does take a bit of time to input all the data, but keeping under the calorie limit can easily become an addictive challenge that will have you thinking twice about opening that packet of biscuits. Again, you can log in direct with Facebook to enjoy the social element if you desire.

3.     Couch to 5k


If you’re new to running, the thought of doing a 5k run seems almost unachievable. It’s actually possible to run a good 5k, even if you’ve never run before, in a couple of months, and this app will guide you through it in manageable steps. With options like ‘choose your personal trainer’ – from friendly Couch to 5k alumni, to a drill sergeant – and Facebook connectivity, there’s plenty to keep you motivated in the difficult weeks.

4.     Zombies, Run!


A game that combines fitness with an interactive story and building missions, Zombies, Run! relies on the terror of the undead horde to push you that much further in your running. You can use the GPS function to track outdoor runs, or average pace calculation for treadmill workouts. The game is utterly addictive and motivates you to get out running regularly so you can continue the story. If you’re a beginner runner, they also do a 5k Training app.

5.     Nike Training Club


For those looking for a more ‘all round’ fitness app, the Nike Training Club beams 15-45 minute workouts straight to your phone, talking you through muscle exercises step by step. You can build up from ‘beginner’ to ‘expert’ exercises, meaning there is something for everyone, and it comes with rewards and bonuses to help keep you motivated.

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