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Tuesday 7 January 2014 by

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Remember that Yule Monty gift set I got before Christmas? Well, The Scrub of Your Life smoothing body scrub (RRP £7) is the second item to undergo review from the set. And I’m going to have to reiterate my love of Soap & Glory again!

The scrub is part of the Soap & Glory original pink scent collection, which means it’s bursting with fresh fruity smells including orange leaf, lemon, peach and strawberries, and dashes of florals with the inclusion of summer rose, gardenia blooms and (my favourite scent) jasmine.

This is quite a foamy scrub, with a pink gel-like texture when it comes out of the bottle. The little beads aren’t too abrasive, so you can be enthusiastic with your scrubbing!  On damp skin, use a handful all over, working in circles up towards your heart (to help with circulation), and wash off under a warm shower.

After a scrub, my skin not only smells delicious, but is silky smooth. I use this twice a week, and my skin looks brighter, smoother and in much better condition than before. I finish off with a bit of body moisturiser (The Body Shop Shea Body Butter, £13 for 200ml), taking extra care with elbows and knees, where I really suffer. But thanks to the scrub, my elbows and knees are dry no more! They’re buffed and moisturised to within an inch of their lives, and I LOVE it!

The smell does last, although my moisturiser takes over a bit, but you get wafts of it as you move around, making you feel fresh and Summery all day long. This is going to be a huge favourite this Summer – I bet it’s even gentle enough to use over sunburn!

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