Writing Workshop: Call for Submissions

Sunday 12 January 2014 by

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I’m afraid if you came here looking for a bit of writing, you’re going to be a bit disappointed…

Instead, this month I am putting a call out for submissions!

Whether you are a writer or just want to test your creative flair, you can right here. From poems to short stories, novels to essays, just email me at fran@houseofblog.co.uk with your writing and a brief summary, and it can appear in this slot.

If you have any burning questions about your Work in Progress you want to know, let me know those too, and we can put the word out.

So whether you’re toiling through that novel and you just want to know if a particular scene is right, or have a poem you’ve been mulling over, send it to the House of Blog workshop! Any feedback garnered will be written up in a post and emailed to you to use as you will.

So get writing!

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