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I’m a recent convert to serums. In fact, I’m a recent convert to a proper skincare routine full stop (I always just relied on a sweep of a make-up wipe and some tea tree products before). Now, though, I mean business, and my skin is benefiting from it in a massive way.

So when I got a sample of the Clinique Repairwear Laser Focus (RRP £40 for 30ml) with a magazine, I was in love. In one sweep, this stuff plumped and smoothed my skin. How had I not discovered the magic of serums before!?

But £40 for a little bottle – even if it DOES go a long way – was too much for my poor bank balance to handle. Instead, I opted for my old faithful brand of No.7 to give me a serum that would work.

I was told that the No.7 Beautiful Skin Blemish Defence Serum, £16, would not only make my skin looker brighter, but help with my breakouts. At a third of the price, how could I go wrong!?

You only need one pump of this serum for your whole face. It also seems to be relatively odourless, though you do sometimes get a waft of that generic “make-up” smell that reminds me of the beauty floor of Debenhams.

But did it work?

In one respect, my skin does seem to be clearer (though that could be down to my new serious regime). But it still looks dull and tired – I’m not anywhere near as fresh-faced as I was with Clinique. I also found that when putting it on after I’d taken all my make-up off and cleansed, my skin was left feeling sensitive to the touch, like I had mild sunburn.

I was disappointed with the results, as No.7 tend to be a good brand for me – their Beautiful Skin night cream is just the right amount of moisturising, soothing and soaks in like a dream, and the majority of my make-up bag is No.7. But this time it just missed the mark, and I feel let down. Although it was only £16, the bottle really didn’t last that long, and my skin doesn’t seem to have obviously benefited.

Until I win the lottery and can afford the Clinique serum, I am on the hunt for a new serum for my poor, Winter-worn skin (suggestions welcome)!

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