Fussy Eaters Fight Club: Home-made Fast Food

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#5 – Home-made Fast Food

I think part of the reason so many kids grow up on fish fingers and chicken dippers and nothing else is because they are quick and easy to prepare, with very little preparation or mess.

Indeed, they are the things I often fall back on when I’m tired or just not in the mood for cooking but there are other options – some even quicker to make than chicken dippers and chips – which are healthier and heartier than the shop-bought equivalent.

This week I have tried out two recipes on the Smalls and they have both been successful (one slightly more than the other) and they were both pretty quick and painless to make.

First up I made Rice Cheese – this was from a book I have full entirely of recipes you can make using a microwave and not much else. Effectively it was rice with cheese stirred through and melted into it with a bit of milk and a crunchy breadcrumb and paprika topping – dead simple and took maybe ten minutes in the microwave. I served it with some breaded chicken bites and the Smalls lapped it up.

The addition of cheese and milk to the rice made it quite creamy which I think appealed to the Smalls. The recipe did in fact suggest stirring in mustard and tabasco for a spicy kick but I thought this would be a bit too much for my two and left it out.

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The second ‘Fast-Food’ I tried was from the Annabel Karmel Fussy Eaters’ recipe book – Mummy’s Pot Noodles.

This was probably one of the simplest things I have ever made and would have been even quicker and easier if I had used ‘straight-to-wok’ noodles as suggested in the recipe (I only had dried noodles so had to cook them in a separate pan which made more washing up but didn’t really add any time on).

Whilst the noodles were boiling, I put some chicken stock, soy sauce, ham (the recipe said cooked chicken but I didn’t have any) and frozen peas in another pan and simmered it, stirring in a tiny bit of cornflour to thicken it up a bit.

Then you throw the noodles in the pan, mix it all up and serve.

That’s it. Maybe six minutes? Ten if you count the time it took to boil the kettle.

Pot noodle, Healthy eating, Kids, Fussy eaters

I served the noodles in mugs to make it fun but the Smalls decided they’d rather have them on plates because it was too hard to catch them. When they are a bit more dextrous, I think the serving them in cups will work better than it does now.

Both Tori and Arthur wolfed them down with smiles on their faces. They even got a thumbs up from Tori whilst she was eating!

Pot noodle, Healthy eating, Fussy eaters, Kids

I tried some too and it was far nicer than a real Pot Noodle and not all that more complicated to make – and you could play around with flavours and things quite easily whilst keeping the basic sauce the same.

These two recipes are great for whipping up when there isn’t much time to spare and also both use things that more often than not I just have in the house anyway so no special shopping required. Fast food at its best (and not just for the kids!)

Do you have any super-quick and easy recipes to add to my fast-food-for-fussy-eaters collection?

Until next time, good luck with your fussy eaters and remember:

The first rule of Fussy Eaters Fight Club is SHARE EVERYTHING THAT WORKS!

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