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From the moment I saw Christian Siriano on Project Runway, it was love. And his Spring/Summer 2014 collections have moved a brief affair into full-blown I-have-found-my-soulmate love.

The Siriano woman is fierce and sultry – full of big shoulders and ruffled florals. For his Pre-SS’14 collection, he chose ferocity, and dressed her in blinding white, ebony, shimmering bubblegum pink and electric blue, in angled stripes and sharp edges. Limes and canary yellows are offset by dove greys and the more mute-toned outfits are given oomph with plenty of texture – the kind you want to run your fingers through.

His Ready-to-Wear, however, stepped in to the more sultry side of things; with pastel and sepia florals, tangerine and coral, brightened by lime shades, and made fierce with monochrome stripes, then softened again with flimsy feathering and the warmest pink sequins on a full-length gown. It felt dreamy and exotic – like a tropical beach at sunset. It’s a sweet-tasting cocktail, lobster fresh-caught and served with a squeeze of lemon, the smell of coconut. It’s walking the red carpet, a debutante’s ball, a tryst in a softly lit garden.

Christian Siriano is an expert at using textures – feathers, sequins, and even the simplest of sheer fabrics create a tone and shape that craves to be worn. From the simplest of ideas comes the most intricate designs, and Siriano’s feel effortless and sensual.

See some of my SS’14 favourites here…

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See the full Christian Siriano Pre-SS’14 collection here.

See the full Christian Siriano SS’14 RTW collection here.

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